Edge and IE do not support 120Hz, 144Hz, etc displays
February 5, 2017


The problem: Both Edge and IE violate the HTML5 specification for requestAnimationFrame(), which states that a web browser is expected to match the display refresh rate:
"The expectation is that the user agent will run tasks from the animation task source at a regular interval matching the display's refresh rate."

Also, refer to the 'Supported Browsers' matrix on the Blur Busters browser test page.
The evidence: Edge and IE only support 60Hz well. When it comes to other Hz values (both low and high), both Edge and IE both fail. Worst of all, Microsoft clearly knows about the problems, but their lack of any actions (fixes) tells the whole story -- often marking bug reports as "Won't Fix": The solution: Use Chrome's web browser instead.

UPDATE: Microsoft has finally acknowledged this issue, changing the bug report to 'confirmed'.