Discover your display's VSYNC refresh rate

NOTE: This test is an older version, which may work better on low-end mobile devices. A newer, much more accurate version (especially for desktops and higher end mobile devices), is at, and in the title of the performance graph at

Requirements: A modern HTML5 enabled web browser Close all other users/tabs/windows/applications for best results. The longer you let the test run (a couple minutes; and keep browser as foreground application), the more accurate the results will become...

How this test works: By timing the rate at which HTML5's window.requestAnimationFrame() callback is called, which 'should' match your display's VSYNC frequency (if your web browser has no bugs). And it does match when an up-to-date web browser is used.
TIP: If the result is 60.00 Hz for your display, then the web browser requestAnimationFrame() may NOT be synchronized to VSYNC (web browsers use 60.00Hz as a failure fallback). Try a different web browser to confirm results.
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